Suspect Foundation Issues?

Work with a foundation repair contractor in Amarillo, TX

Simplify the Foundation Repair Process

Hire an expert foundation repair contractor in Amarillo, TX

If you've got a faulty foundation, the repair process can feel complicated and overwhelming. L&W Foundation Repair House Leveling simplifies the process by offering top-notch, customer-oriented services to clients in Amarillo, TX and throughout the surrounding area.

With over 10 years of experience, we'll check everything in your home to determine which areas need our attention. Then, we'll email you an itemized estimate based around your budget. Once you approve everything, our foundation repair contractor will get to work. Call 806-204-0338 now to schedule our first visit to inspect your property.

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Avoid the dangers of putting off foundation repairs

You don't want to hesitate when it comes to repairing your foundation and getting everything sturdy and level again. Waiting to complete a foundation repair and house leveling project can leave you vulnerable to...

Escalating repair costs. The longer you wait, the worse your damage becomes, which leads to higher repair costs.
Spreading damage. The cracks and uneven sections of foundation only get worse and spread to more of your home when you wait.
Plumbing issues. If the damage spreads enough, even your plumbing could become affected and require repairs.
Rising utility bills. Cracks in your foundation can spread to the walls and affect your home's insulation.
Insect infestations. Insects love humid, dark environments, which is what cracks and gaps in your foundation create.

You can count on our foundation repair and house leveling expert to spot these issues and recommend contractors for any repairs we can't handle, like plumbing. Plus, we'll work directly with your realtor so they can negotiate a better price if you're purchasing a house with foundation issues. Speak with our family-owned company today to get started.